2021 Sponsors

Space Apps NYC is grateful to all our Sponsors who are helping us host an amazing conference and Space Apps Challenge this year! 
They are as committed as we are to putting on the best Hackathon ever!

MIT Space Exploration Initiative

With society at the cusp of interplanetary civilization, the MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative takes a unique approach to humanity’s horizons. We are building, testing and flying the technologies and tools of exploration that will empower Earth citizens for this new phase of our collective existence. We unite artists, scientists, engineers and designers to prototype our Sci-Fi space future in over 50 annual research projects. The philosophy of “democratizing access to space exploration”—while bringing moonshots AND earthshots into view—courses through our work. We are building a real-life, visionary "Starfleet Academy" for this dawn of expanded human activity, opportunity and responsibility in our cosmos. To learn more: explore-space.media.mit.edu 

OpenSpace and the Space Visualization Team at the American Museum Of Natural History

Funded in part by NASA, OpenSpace brings the latest techniques from data visualization research to the general public. OpenSpace supports interactive presentation of dynamic data from observations, simulations, and space mission planning and operations. OpenSpace works on multiple operating systems, with an extensible architecture powering high resolution tiled displays and planetarium domes, and makes use of the latest graphic card technologies for rapid data throughput. In addition, OpenSpace enables simultaneous connections across the globe, creating opportunity for shared experiences among audiences worldwide. Learn more here: https://www.openspaceproject.com/


Sourcegraph - Universal Code Search

More Official Sponsors Coming Soon!

Sourcegraph is one universal tool to find & fix things across all your code. Any host, any repo, any language. Sourcegraph allows you to move fast, even in big codebases. You can find and fix thing across all of your code faster with Sourcegraph. Sourcegraph is built by developers for developers, to help them solve the big code problems they face all day every day, Find out more information here: https://about.sourcegraph.com/